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Quality Code or Quantity Code😖

What the Heck I mean

You might be thinking that what is this silly question of course quality, but that is not always true. As a beginner in the programming, you need not to focus on your quality code, but you need to focus on the quantity of code. _ You can click off the article now if you want_. We are gonna discuss it in a little bit of depth with some examples.

When Does _*Quantity *_Matters?

Learning a new programming language, you not only need to learn functionality of the language, but you also need to familiarize yourself with the syntax _of that language. The only possible way that, I think, you can familiarize yourself with that syntax is a by writing code more than usual.
If you are some Genius, you may just learn the syntax by watching some YouTube videos and _Only
reading code but I am not and nor is the majority.

When Does *_Quality *_ Matters?

I don't think I need to explain this too much. After you are familiar with the language, you should start project or something like that. And what matters then is that you just write good code instead of writing printstatements.
Writing clean, efficient code is also important as you progress.


If you are a beginner, try writing **quantity **code so that you can become familiar with that language.
If you are someone who is already somewhat familiar with the language, then write **quality **code and actually do something, even if it is little.

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Tony Do

Nice blog. However, I think beginners should know some good practices regarding the language they learn in the early stage. For example, ‘using namespace std’ in C++ is considered as poor practice that many beginners normally make

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Bala Madhusoodhanan

Writing more code can help beginners learn the syntax of a new programming language faster and easier. No doubt writing more code can also expose beginners to different scenarios and challenges that can enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Quality code is also about writing code that is readable, maintainable, reusable, and scalable. These are aspects that require more knowledge and judgment than just writing code that works. But should not neglected .

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Alex (The Engineering Bolt) ⚡ • Edited

There is a saying "Junior Engineers are the ones that write a lot of code, Senior Engineers are the ones that delete the most code"