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My First Project & It Failed😊

So, I recently learnt QT and was trying to build my first different project (not a copy like Todo, WordPad etc.). It was an MCQ's page with a few MCQs. Things went really well, and it was running fine until it came the time to Submit your choices.

What Happened

I made a submit button and connected the components to it. Then I ran the application and when I clicked the submit button, my application would suddenly close. I asked ChatGPT but it also said that it was unable to find an error and I should try debugging it.


On debugging that QT debugger tells me that it is a segmentation fault. The only type the type of error that I never got in my C++ code and this was the first time I got this problem and it really hit me at a spot.


if you are someone who has worked with QT or C++, and is willing to help me, Please DO!
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Here is it on GitHub.

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