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Telescope 1.8 Release

After midterm week and study week, it's time to plan for the 1.8 release of telescope. In this post, I want to talk about my plans and the projects that I'm looking forward to seeing them be implemented in the release.

In the last release, I was working on updating dependencies and the auto-update tools including Renovate and dependabot. After working with that, I started to have an interest in GitHub CI/CD, and plan to learn to write GitHub action.

In OSD600 (the first open-source course that I took in Winter 2020), we implemented GitHub action workflow to apply code formatter and linter to our repo by selecting template .yml file to create our needed actions.

When working with dependabot, it also uses .yml file to implement GitHub actions workflow.

After introducing dependabot, the PR that was generated by dependabot is a bit of confusing for contributor. For example, what should we do for the PR? How to test it? Isn't the major bumping to risky? What to do if the bumping causes test failure or error?

Therefore, I wrote a document to explain a simple workflow for handling dependabot PRs.

However, it will be more convenient to append the documentation with the PR so that contributors can read the document when they're reviewing the PR.

Currently, it is not possible to customize the description of dependabot PR. Therefore, I tried to append a comment with the link of dependabot documentation whenever the dependabot PR is created.

The other challenge for me in release 1.8 is about UI 2.0. Thanks for my team member Pedro assigning me a CSS and JS involved issue. The issue is to adjust font-size dynamically in order to fit the title div size. For example, if the default font-size causes the title overflow (which means the title is too long), the title's font-size should be set to smaller size in order to display the whole title with any wrapping. This is a very interesting issue. After research, in order to adjust the font-size by character number, the scrollHeight and the clientHeight will be involved. By comparing these 2 value, we can get the result of if the text is too long, then, we adjust it's font-size, until the text (title) can be fully displayed.

Currently, I'm trying different plug-ins and to write a function myself. Hopefully, I can finish this feature by release 1.8.

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