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My last telescope post as a student (hopefully)

This week, I still work with user accessibility. The footer has 2 corners that didn't meet the AA/AAA level of WCAG, contributor card, search result message, and slack icon. I want to talk about the slack icon one.

The slack icon we had was a svg file included in the project. We implemented it as a <img> like this,

<img src={slackLogo} alt="logo" height="20" width="20" />
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What I needed to do is to change the color filling of this icon. This can be done by changing the fill value of svg element. The solution I wanted to try is to make this svg file as a react component so that I can configure the fill value. However, I wasn't able to import the svg file in typescript. I ended up using the easier way which is using react-icon and find the similar slack icon so that the filling color can be configured. I'd love to try more with the making svg a react component next time with SVGR.

It's been 4 months working with telescope team, and I'm very grateful with the chance of working with a group of amazing people.

Thanks to Dave for the astonishing lectures and leading, I'm so lucky to have your courses and to learn from you in my last year of college. Working in web development is totally unexpected to me, but you're one of the people who make me enjoy this field more than yesterday.

Thanks to Anton who helped me with git and your blog posts are always informative! Thanks to Chris, Royce, Abdul, Ilya, Tony, Huy, and Mo. It's a bit of overwhelming to work with a team that all people are more experienced and smarter than me, but it is lucky that I get to learn from you.

Thanks to Pedro, you're the first person who talked to me in the team and have always been supportive and kind to me!

I'm not good at saying good-bye, so I'm no gonna. But I want to tell everyone in the project that I truly appreciate everything you've done. It was amazing working with you all, wish you all the best :) ū-iân tsài siong-huē! (Meaning: We'll meet up again when the timing is right.) (This is Taiwanese, my mother language)

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