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Keep working on accessibility

Keep working with user accessibility this week. A simple change on our search help, the old font color is hard to read with the background color. I also make the title of the search help bolder and have some padding to make it more like a title.

Meanwhile, Royce is working with improve search help logic. The search help was only appeared before the user search anything. However, when the user can't find any result after the searching, it is possible that she could use some search help to get the wanted searching result. I believe this change of search help makes more sense and can be more helpful for the user.

When I was testing this PR, I found another issue related to user accessibility. (I thought I've been checking all corners already) There is a line of message telling the user "No results found" or "No more posts". This line of message in the search page has black color in both light and dark mode. Therefore, this line can't be seen in dark mode.

The issues that I've been working but not able to finish is to improve contrast ratio of slack icon. This slack icon is a svg file that we include in our repo. The color is white, and I'm not able to convert or fill in a darker color into it. This is my first time working with svg, the team gave me some suggestions in the weekly meeting, I will try to find out a fine solution to it!

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