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C# is the language that I want to focus on in this term. I am lucky that I met one classmate who is also doing C# in the open-source class in the first week. We talk about projects that we're interested in and the reason why we like C#. After finishing our link-checker projects respectively, we decided to do code testing for one another.

Being a tester

I had few experiences of being a tester. I've seen some meme about how brutal of tester treating developer's code, though. I started by running the tool on my machine and trying all kinds of scenarios. It was not too hard for testing small projects since there are not so many features to test. However, I believe testing requires organizing and planning just like coding. A good tester is supposed to find the issues that weren't considered by the programmer while developing the project.

When I was doing the testing, I don't have the tool to test the project. My operating system is Linux Mint, but the project is a .exe file. Therefore, I needed to install Wine to run the .exe file. I realized that preparing appropriate tools for testing is critical.

This is the issue in my partner's project that I filed. https://github.com/abuZayed15/check-link/issues/8 This issue was found when I test this tool with different possible arguments.

Being tested

It was sort of embarrassing about code being tested. I'm not confident in my project because I know it is not a mature project. However, keeping this kind of negative attitude is not helpful for development. Having the project being tested and reviewed is a huge help for finding my blind spots. We all have the experience that, we try so hard and spend so much time finding the answer, but, it takes only one look for a random stranger to find the answer. "Lookers-on see most of the game", as long as we participate and focus on one thing, we tend to miss the issues even if they are right in front of our faces.

My partner helps me to find out some bugs in my project. They are obvious but I just neglected to see them before publishing it. Moreover, my partner gives me some enhancement suggestions. I've fixed the bugs and republished new versions and will include the enhancement issue in future development. https://github.com/yuanLeeMidori/OSD600.GoodLinkOrBadLink/issues

It was a great and special experience to be a tester and being test. Lots of thanks to my partner and this intriguing course!

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