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A place for professionnels to join and pitch projects

The problem

So, I've been sitting on some  online "collab" groups looking for a project for a couple of months. I've noticed that this places  has a huge problem, and to be specific, a couple of them.

I feel that most of the people there have a minimal understanding of making a game and the amount of effort that goes into making one. Most of the posts are like this: "I don't know how to program or make art, I don't have any portfolio, I'm a 'writer,' and I have this loosely defined idea. I need 5 programmers and 3 artists." Then, a couple of beginners join, and after a week, everyone vanishes. 

I cannot recall even one of them that didn't have some major red flags, like nobody on the team has ever made a game before or programmers not even knowing the engine they are supposed to work in. People just join these projects, pretend to do something for a week, and leave.

I also love people that won't post ANY info about their project because "others would steal it." I mean, YOU are the one looking for people to join, so it's your job to get as many people interested in it as possible. You can't expect people to be like, "Oh mighty game developer, please let me into your team so that I'll be able to work for free for you" when they don't know even a single thing about what they're even getting into

So, what goes wrong each time? Well,

- Unexperienced team members, for the most part. As I said earlier, most of the people that are joining all of these projects don't even have a single piece of portfolio.

- Project structure: I feel like 90% of the people there have no idea what do they even want. They just say, "I want to make a game that is like Mortal Kombat and Celeste." Their entire GDD has 2 pages, they have no roadmap, no deadlines, no budget, no goal, and no idea what it takes to actually make a game.

The solution
iwas looking for alternatives and didn't find any good so I developed this site to bring experienced and serious professionals together . See how it works looking forward for your feedbacks 👌

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