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The Problem With Coding Influencers

Let's for a moment say, that you're a complete beginner( maybe you are). And you type in YouTube, "learn how to code"( or anything similar), and then... you're bombarded with clickbait videos( btw I also made a YouTube video about this, watch it here, if you like videos more)

Learn How To Code Clickbait

You're only going to see videos of how you can learn to code fast, in 100 days, some even say in 30 days. And some say 10 minutes.

Then( remember you're a beginner) you follow these videos, you might sign up for their course( if they have one) and you'll probably get sold a dream and a damn lie.

Then X( whatever the video said) amount of time goes by. And you don't know anything.

You're probably going to think that you're not good enough. The whole thing is very demoralizing.

And the worst part about this is that these videos get millions of views( which makes them even more credible). I mean just look at the image above.

Next bs on the list is the whole, "Best Coding Language!".
Again you're a beginner, you don't know anything. And then you watch these videos, think( for example) Python is the best language, and when you decide you want to do game development and you need to use C#( or C++) you'll be demoralized.

Best Coding Language Clickbait

Once again these videos get tons of views. I'm not even blaming them at this point. I mean, coding has to be the hardest niche to grow on, of course, you'd want to make clickbait-y content.

The next bs( and I'll get to the point after this) on the list is, "How to get a job at google?".

How To Get A Job At Google Clickbait

The irony of these videos. Again they sell you a dream( probably a course as well) and in return, you get demoralized.

Here's the truth about this whole thing. People want something fast and easy. Time, dedication & discipline are unattractive. I'm pretty sure that the algorithm, seeing realistic titles getting few views, doesn't even push out realistic content anymore. It's fuc*ed up.

My main problem with this is that I can imagine people trying these( getting a job at google thing) and after 3 months thinking that they're not smart enough for coding. And as a result, they quit.

Coding takes a long time. Enjoy the process, have fun make friends.

Notice, I didn't debunk these myths, if you're a beginner and don't understand what I'm talking about, I'm more than happy to tell you everything in detail. Just make a comment or message me.

Have a great day :)

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