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Is Coding Worth It?

Computer Scinece is the fastest-growing field in the 21st century!

And for good reason. It's the field that pays the most. And it's pretty convenient. You don't have to go to university, you can work from home, etc.

But to me, in recent times, it seems as if everyone is going to CS. I feel as if, everyone just thinks CS is the answer. And the only way to get rich.

( Now there are multiple reasons why that's not true, but I won't talk about that here)

But, this begs the question: Is CS Oversaturated?

Are There Too Many People In CS?

I find myself asking this question a lot too!
And from the info I've gathered, the answer is… NO!
But it's a very specific NO.

CS is not oversaturated if you are really serious about it. If you really want to have a career and are motivated to learn and move forward, CS is NOT oversaturated!
This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. Most people suck at coding
  2. Most people lie about coding

Most People Suck At Coding!

There are multiple reasons why I say that.
Firstly, let's start out with the fact that coding is hard. And not everyone will be good at it. In the same way, some people just don't understand math, and some people will never understand coding.

And the problem here is that a lot of people go to CS being that person( the one who doesn't understand how to code)
I have to say it, but coding is not for everyone!

Secondly, people might be good at coding, but they don't understand how the world works.

What this means is that some people are very good at coding. Problem is that they just don't marketize themselves.

I've stated this before, "you can be the best coder but if no one knows who you are, you're out of luck!".

If you want to get to the top of the food chain, you need to marketize yourself!

Most People Lie About Coding!

There is a large number of people, who claim they are coders, but they're really not!

Online job posts get a ton of applications where it's not entirely clear why the candidate applied, especially for entry-level roles!
Keep that in mind!

And there's a large number of people who, "job-hop" and only collect one paycheck from each company before getting fired for not knowing anything!

Is Coding Worth It?

The final answer is YES and NO!
Yes - If you're sure and you've shown signs that you know what you're talking about
No- If you're the opposite!

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