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How To Code Like A Pro!?

I won't make this long. Here is a list of 3 things you can do, to code like a PRO!

1. Follow A Style Guide

The number 1 thing, is to write CLEAN code.
Clean code really goes a long way, as I've stated before:

Code that's hard to understand is hard to maintain

Code that's hard to maintain is useless

To write the cleanest code possible, you have to follow Style Guides.

A style guide, is a list of best practices you can do as a dev.
Every language/framework has one. Just type in your web browser
"Name Of Your Coding Language Style Guide".

In fact, I'm doing a series( on my YT Channel) on style guides for all the languages and frameworks I know! You can watch it here.

2. Make And Follow A Structure

Now that you're following the best practices for your coding language, it's time you make a workflow.

A workflow, is just a fancy word I use meaning, the environment where you code and how you go about coding.

You need to be in a headspace where you're in the zone. You need an environment that you learn to distinguish as the place where you code!

You can experiment with this, but what I've found most effective is:

  • Having LoFi background music
  • Tea( Coffee gives me too much energy)
  • Being Distraction Free( No Phone, Notifications Off)
  • Posting On GitHub Constantly( Pet peeve of mine)
  • Having a Notion page with a Detailed Structure & Code Base for my project

3. Practice!

Now that you follow the best practices & have an environment where you're in a zone, the only thing that's left, is constant practice

Just keep on coding!

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