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How often is a GUI like Kivy used?

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How often do you use Kivy? Or bottle, Flask?
It seems like Django is what takes the majority.
Kivy reminds me of styling in a way that’s like React.

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rhymes • Edited

Hi Bret!

First time I'm hearing about Kivy so the answer is never, for now :D
Seems to be based on SDL! It brings back memories of pygame.

Why does it remind you of React?

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Bret Author

The way that you create a object and then add the details of color, type, height and width. It’s more like css... but in a way that looks like python.

What’s Pygame?

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What’s Pygame?

It's a library to create videogames that sits on top of SDL. It's around 20 years old.

Compared to Kivy they ha different goals, Pygame it's about videogames, Kivy about GUIs it seems.