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What does the low-code platform bring?

No-code and low-code development methods are becoming more and more popular in technology and other fields. According to a Forrester survey, as early as 2018, 23% of developers worldwide are already using team app builder, and another 22% plan to use it next year. Why should companies invest heavily in no-code and low-code solutions? Because these platforms have the potential to turn more employees into mature developers.

What is a low-code platform?
The low-code platform does not require manual programming or requires only a small amount of programming to realize application development. These platforms use visual modeling instead of coding, and users can drag and drop components into logical sequences to create powerful and even complex applications.

Eliminating the need to use manual programming to complete the need to solve two main problems from the production process:
Manual coding is very time-consuming and complicated
There is a severe shortage of qualified developers to meet the current demand for new software.
Depending on the platform, using low code for development can make application development much faster than coding.

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