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The appeal of low-code application development platform to businesses

The time savings brought about by low-code application development platform are very important for companies that are trying to stay ahead of competitors or want to update traditional applications. For example, 31% of application developers surveyed by Forrester pointed out that for applications built using traditional coding methods such as programming languages, frameworks, and middleware, there are challenges in meeting business needs in a timely manner.
low-code application development platform eases the pain of mergers and acquisitions
As NTT Data Services learned when it acquired Dell Services for $3 billion in 2016, a low-code approach may be a boon in M&A. Barry Shurkey, chief information officer of NTT Data, said that low code helped NTT reduce the number of Dell Services applications from 1,000 to 122, adding, “This is a problem that doesn’t bring things we don’t need.”

Shurkey told reporters at IDG's CIO 100 seminar in 2019 that NTT's method is very novel. It identified several "one-off" legacy financial and human resources applications that needed to be modernized, but it didn't make sense to rewrite investment resources from scratch. Then, it held a week-long "baking" event between several low-code platform vendors—essentially a competition between superiors and inferior—to see which one can best update the application.
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