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The future trend of low-code application development platform

Most low-code application development platform provide services to developers in the form of SaaS (Software As A Service). Developers only need to apply for a developer account to use the online development environment, sandbox test environment, and commercial deployment provided by the low-code platform. surroundings. Developers can compile and package online after the development is completed. Through the automatic assembly line provided by the low-code application development platformthe software package can be deployed from the development environment to the test environment and the commercial environment. Developers can develop, test and release their own applications at any time
However, it should also be noted that low-code is not directly to build houses, but to build a set of engines and systems that can repeatedly build various types of houses. The requirements for platform technology are very high. Foreign low-code developers have experienced years of experience. development of. With the continuous improvement of technology and the increasing demand for software in the digital transformation of various industries, the low-code application development platform reduces the uncertainty of software development by lowering the threshold of development work, alleviating costs, and talent demands. The result of effective software development is closer to linear, and the efficiency of software development is greatly improved, and it will certainly embark on the road of vigorous development.

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