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Yechiel Kalmenson on July 24, 2019

By now I'm sure most of you were switched to Twitter's new UI. If you are one of the lucky ones who are still on the old one here's my tip to you:... [Read Full]
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There are two things that drive me crazy with the new UI/UX:

  1. The scrolling on new tweets: If I’m typing, and a new tweet pops up in the feed, the page will scroll automatically and I’ll lose sight of the text input. It seems like a big usability fail.

  2. There are areas in the input that are not input areas: the space above the emoticon icon is not part of the input even when it’s inside the input box. I would have expected that clicking on that area would focus the input but it doesn’t. It just does nothing.

For the good things: The left menu has more options than the previous horizontal menu, which is nice. Although it took a little bit of time adjusting to the new position of things.


Is the scrolling a setting? I just get a blue dot on home and a "more tweets" bubble at the top.


They have changed the interface since I wrote the comment. I haven't been able to replicate #1, but #2 is moot now as the input box has changed completely.


What is that setting? I was still able to see the first issue. Is it the "reduce motion" option?

I don't have that on, so it's not that. It's possible that my adblock settings are doing something, or I've just been part of an A/B test.


I just installed @sarah_edo 's extension to keep the Twitter UI clean.

The extension is only available for Chrome at the moment, but the Chrome Web Store is supported by Brave and the new Edge, so it will work in those browsers as well.

Here's the link for those interested


This one is good but there is one called "good twitter" that reverts you to something even closer to the old version.


I've worked with extensions before. The APIs generally work in both browsers these days. You can clone her repo and load the extension unpacked in Firefox and it should work.

Yeah, I should know that, I just have a workshop at Codeland about writing browser extensions 🙃


I really like that when you open a thread it's just on a new page instead of in a popup. I used to accidentally click outside of the popup and not be able to get back to where I was because the feed had updated in the meantime. I couldn't click the back button to get back to where I was, but I'm literally just realizing now that I was supposed to click the forward button which makes no sense.


To me it looks a lot like 9gag, and facebook. Made for the average consumer.
Personally I would like the old one back to, but that's just because we where used to it.

Stay open for changes, a lot of people I know still use windows 7, because 10 is just to different...


I cannot stand it and it feels like there was so little thought put into it. It feels like it's built for a vertically oriented screen (mobile) which is not how I use the Twitter webpage. If I'm on mobile I'm on the app 🤷


I have a bunch of things I don't love, but two functional things stand out as backwards progress.

  1. gif selection, it has far more clicks than before

  2. your profile tweet feed, it's now identical to tweets and replies (I'm wondering if this is accidental tbh)


Functionally, I like it. It's easier to deal with threads, and I don't lose my place clicking out of tweets.

Aesthetically? I hate it. But I'm willing to put up with it for not losing my place any more.


The back button works better (it always ends up on the right tweet you were reading, it didn't always happen before).

I'm not sure I like everything else.


I've had the new UI for a while since I opted into the preview. It was jarring at first, but I don't mind it.

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