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Founder and Organizer of Code Cafe Online. Flatiron School Software Engineering grad. Learner Advocate and Production Engineer with egghead.io


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What is a "Closure" in JavaScript?

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2 min read

How To: Create A Rainbow Link Hover Effect

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3 min read

Comparing Code: Ruby, JavaScript, and Java Walk Into a Bar...

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6 min read

Fullstack Project Planning

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4 min read

REST API with CRUD using Express and Mongoose

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11 min read

Enamel Pins for Developers

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1 min read

Setting Up An Express API with Mongoose

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6 min read

Job Search Self Care and Anxiety Management

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4 min read

A Ruby on Rails Roadmap

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2 min read

New MacBook Pro Dev Setup

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2 min read

Hello World! { Setting Up Your First Express Server }

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6 min read

Building An App I'll Actually Use

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3 min read

Hoist Your Vars! (Variable Hoisting in JavaScript)

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3 min read

What the Hex!? (how to generate random hex color codes in javascript)

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4 min read

A Machine Learning Resources Thread

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1 min read

Exterminate! 🤖 (or Destroying Associated Records in Rails)

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4 min read

2019 Year in Review

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4 min read

HTTP Status Code Basics

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5 min read

A Thousand Little Mistakes (Building a CLI for Flatiron School)

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4 min read

Finally Building An Actual Thing

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2 min read