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Underrated Articles on Last week

Hello! I'm back with another installment of underrated posts of last week! A little late this week, I know. Things have been hectic for our team lately with the launch of Dragula and everything that has followed. The response has been phenomenal and we're over the moon. Try Dragula if you haven't yet. 😃

Anyway, without wasting any more time, let's check out the articles.

1. Set Tasks and Boost Productivity

Project management includes developing a project plan, which involves defining the project goals, strategy to achieve them, identifying tasks and quantifying the resources needed, and determining timelines for completion. This article by Django Stars is a complete guide to starting a project and building a quality product on time.

2. Guide for Remote Employees

We are in a flexible workplace revolution. More employees than ever before want to work remotely. In this article, David gives basic tips to employees who are new to remote work. This guide will help them work effectively, avoid the common pitfalls of remote work, and stay 100% productive.

3. Simple Styling Tricks

This is the first article of Joris's series "styling tricks and way to css them".
In this one, image overlays are explained well along with examples. I'm looking forward to read the next articles from this series.

4. Spend Time on Opensource Software

In this post, Mohammed gives reasons why he spends so much time on open source software. Spending time on these projects helps him in building his own tools, staying connected to technology, continuous improvement, and many more benefits.

5. List of Productivity books Worth reading

There are many ways to reduce stress, and different activities work best for different people. The kind of focus you experience while reading can translate to your work – greater attention can help you concentrate on one task and boost productivity. In this article, Gio lists ten books which helped him boost his productivity.

That's all for this week. These were my personal favorite underrated posts from last week. I hope you liked this post. Tell me about your favorite posts that went underrated in the comments below! ❤️

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katiekodes profile image

I haven't had a chance to catch up with combing for such posts, but I wanted to THANK YOU for doing this roundup!