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Underrated Articles on Last Week

Hey folks! I'm back with another installment of underrated posts of last week! Let's check them out and see what the community has been up to.

1. Document Your Journey

In this Article, Francis gives advice to everyone to write about your journey and share your expertise to the rest of the world by putting all that you know in your book.

2. Check Availability of Username

Gaurav created a simple tool by which you can instantly find out if your favorite username is available or not.

3. Rules of Effective Meetings

Meetings are a powerful tool that is usually misunderstood. In this article, Marcell shares important points make meetings in an effective way. By maintaining all of these habits, you may learn that meetings are an effective tool to get work done.

4. Learnings from Non-Coding Placement year

Katie writes about his experience of working as a junior IT technician and shares learning from that non-coding placement year. Technical tips are well explained in this article.

5. Lessons from Python Beginner

KerushaG writes about a couple of key realizations she has made while learning Python. she learned that write sustainable, efficient and simple code is more important than making it work.

6. Improving Bug Tracking Process

Effectively tracking your bugs is one important aspect of having a reliable and consistent project management framework. Fixing a bug depends upon how effectively you report it. In this Article, Ray writes a few tips on how to make a bug tracking process efficient.

That's all for now. These were my personal favorite underrated posts from last week. I hope you liked this post. Tell me in the comments about your favorite posts of last week that you think went underrated! ❤️

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