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Welcome to my series on building a discord.js bot with a connected Next.js dashboard.

In this series, we'll be building discord-server-info!

The idea for discord-server-info came from my friend Michelle Bakels. Michelle is attempting to do a major analysis of the Developer DAO Discord server so she can find ways for us to reduce the size and scope of our channels, roles, etc.

Unfortunately, the information provided by Discord Server Insights isn't detailed enough for her to reason about and make informed decisions about our server.

For example, one of the changes she'd like to make to improve access to our existing channels is to require each channel to fill out its description field informing other members of its purpose. How can she create a list of all of our channels currently missing a description?

By hand. glhf Michelle!

This is the type of problem that discord-server-info aims to solve. By enabling server managers to explore more granular server data, discord-server-info can help them analyze, reason about, and better manage their server.

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