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waybackmachine January 21'

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... because it's always fun to go back in time and remember how it was back then ...

cli :: tailing less

In 'less' unix-cli command, you can type F to keep reading at the end of a file. Like tail -f with the benefit of being able to search and navigate through the file.

in order to interrupt the tail, cntrl+c.

cli :: pipes

I seemed to have quite some confusion, so here's a reminder for command piping.

A; B    # Run A and then B, regardless of success of A
A && B  # Run B if and only if A succeeded
A || B  # Run B if and only if A failed
A &     # Run A in background.
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operator command A command B execution
&& only if OK B
| | only if KO B

core :: how linux deals with your RAM

Playing with Kubernetes and trying to understand its memory-related data (in top pods/node and descriptions) scared me at some point and made me feel like a newbie again, so, guess it's never too late to remember these things :)

linux ate my ram

Linux is borrowing unused memory for disk caching. This makes it looks like you are low on memory, but you are not! Everything is fine!

Disk caching makes the system much faster and more responsive! There are no downsides, except for confusing newbies. It does not take memory away from applications in any way, ever!

TLDR; look for the 'available' column in the free command. NOT the 'used' one

linux memory naming

$ free -m
                total        used        free      available
  Mem:           1504        1491          13           792
  Swap:          2047           6        2041
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If you're already familiar with how linux works with cache memory, but want to play with it (swapiness, shared memory, ...) there are some memory experiments to play with

watch :: Are you a giver or a taker?

If you are looking for culture-fit, this TED talk is fun to watch resource to identify both yourself and your peers in between the giver / taker , agreeable / disagreeable traits.

monthly ear hook :: Igorr - Spirituality and Distortion

Back in time, while performing my full-programming tasks I always laughed at the image of me coding with some epic-programming background music.

Last month there's been a specific disc that I've played almost on loop while breaking deployments on cloud, so I'm gonna call it my epic-architecture background music.

Because, what the hell, this are bizarre times... Gotta say I just started working in cloud provided platforms and the lack of transparency / good documentation and quirk bugs, are sometimes making a hell out of it.

Thanks to communities around some products, an attitude I'll always appreciate :)

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