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Interesting resources 2020

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books x3

Trying to push myself into reading more, I joined the Good Reads book-challenge, including some IT-related books. They're not anything new, but still a reference if you don't know them.

· Cathedral and Baazar

Oldie goldie :) Felt so connected to the ideology of this book that most of the stories scratched by brain with a nice tingle that rooted me back to my uni-years.

Insights about open-source projects that started as a way of scratching a developer's personal necessity, software economics, and stories about how to cultivate this culture.

I'm pretty sure I'll re-read it some day.

Cathedral and Bazaar summary sketching

· Phoenix Project

Not as good as I thought it would be (found its storytelling quite flat-lined) but an easy going novel related to the IT world management.

Found good resumes of it review the phoenix project and the phoenix project

· El enemigo conoce el sistema

Haven't found it in English, but give it a try if you can handle Spanish and are interested in understanding why social media is competing with your sleeping hours.

Not only it aligns with the content of the so referenced in 2020 documentary Social Dilema, but Marta also explains the techniques to attack and trap people into your product addiction.

Tools :: excalidraw

This has been one of my most used web tool this year for sure.

Collaborative, online and exportable <3


Julia's Learning experiments

I'm an advocate fan of Julia's work!

I already talked about her IT-related content card-learning system in previous waybackmachines but she's been upgrading the game, so checkout her new "questions" version :)

Team organization

Some nice articles that clicked my mind this year, regarding team organization.

Core Domains

I'm no manager but feel a passion for transparency and things made with thought put into it.

This article reflects what team organization should look like, and howto visually translate people the information about what/where the company is putting focus into/investing.

I love analogies and this reminds me of strategy games, applied to teams.
The important part of the article, besides the separation of each role, is the fact that all of them are needed for a company to succeed, and their intervention on it is expected to be brilliant in all groups.

pioneers, settlers, town planners and thefts

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