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Active Listening

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In many ways of progressing to be a better version of yourself, listening will drive you further than talking. While listening, we learn about the opposite and ourselves. But why is it not always easy? Well, the biggest challenge starts with ourselves. The opposite might need to finish speaking out, but we are ready to reply or interrupt. So how can we be better at listening? Let’s be more Active while listening. Communication isn’t always easy; therefore, give the opposite person the pace to convey the message. How does the body communicate? Is the message clear? Can it be summarised? Are you paying the most attention without neglecting it? Are you judging, or are you listening? All that said try to convey your care by asking open-ended questions. We often assume it’s obvious that we’re practising active listening and that others know they’re being heard. But the reality is that we often struggle with tasks and roles that directly relate to active listening. Accepting criticism well, dealing with people’s feelings, and trying to understand what others think all require robust and active listening skills. Even with the best intentions, you may unconsciously signal that you aren’t listening. If you work to develop better active listening techniques, you’ll become known as a good listener and a better leader.

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