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Team Members Journey

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Anyone wishes to be well treated in any circumstances. In some places, you can demand and get extra comfort or extra care, which satisfies your experience. But how do you run an organisation that cares about each team member’s journey? That is something which many organisations work on. Experience can be a mixture of the space you provide, the tools to work on and the culture which you, the organisation, induct and keeps evolving. Over time, the tools and the space will evolve naturally. But the evolution of a Culture is strongly driven by all team members. The first and last days will linger in the memories. We might forget the tools and probably the space we worked on, but the feeling we had with team members or a project phase will linger in our memories for a long while. Every organisation must cherish each team member's journey, even beyond their tenure. No one can predict the course, but every contribution and care enrich it. Regardless of outcomes, this endeavour is the experience an organisation must offer, nurturing every member's ongoing journey. Indeed, a team member's journey is paramount.

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