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My favorite React library of the week: " Yet Another React Lightbox" πŸ’›

Hey fellow developers :)

Recently, I've been working on transforming Figma designs into code, a challenge I previously thought - well- it was beyond my skill level. However, with daily practice and gaining valuable knowledge every single day, I've finally decided that I was ready to start this project series 😊

I chose a simple design I received during my Bootcamp, and while I was coding, I felt that I wanted to add some personal touch and try something new. ( But I know that you need to follow a figma design as it is πŸ˜…)

My design included an image gallery, so I thought it would be interesting to incorporate a slideshow feature, whenever you click on an image. This led me to discover Yet Another React Lightbox, a fantastic React library that quickly became my favorite tool of the week.πŸ’₯

What exactly is Yet Another Lightbox? Simply put, it’s a lightweight React component that enables users to showcase images or videos in an elegant and user-friendly way!

πŸ”—Here is the link if you want to know more about it:

This library offers a variety of features, such as:
βš™ Keyboard shortcuts for navigation (left/right arrows)
βš™ Touch support for mobile devices
βš™ captions
βš™ Fullscreen mode
βš™ Download feature
βš™ Caption Feature
βš™ Customizable styling to fit your project's look & more!

Lastly, if you are curious about my project, you can check it out here:

Happy CodingπŸ’›!

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