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Vitor Paladini

A software engineer that really likes working with user interfaces. Writes mostly JS at a small (but mighty!) Danish startup. Loves cooking.


Front-end Engineer

#discussHow do you deal with the endless stream of interruptions that we have nowadays?

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#discussHow does being a programmer affects your world view?

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#watercoolerHow are you going to chill this weekend? 🏖

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How to Copy a big Object or Array from console to clipboard

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#discussWhat programming concept did you struggle the most with?

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How to DEV: Tips I've found in Forem repository

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How to make an extremely reusable Tooltip component with React — and nothing else

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How to add a three-dimensional pink rubber duck to your website with react-three-fiber

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The react-three-fiber Zone, episode 1

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#discussWhat's that piece of code that you have to Google *every time*?

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#discussTell me a thing that makes your day at work better

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What the heck is GPT-3 anyway?

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#watercoolerHave you ever felt that multiple screens do more harm than good sometimes?

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#discussWhat makes you think "Ok, that should be a component"?

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How to create an extremely reusable Icon component with react-svg

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27 professionals with inspiring careers - and where to follow them

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Hooked on Hooks! A late introduction to my favorite thing in React

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#discussTell me, what was your biggest career mistake and what did you learn from it?

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Bullseye! 4 ways to center that damn div with CSS

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