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Review of Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Specialization

This review has been originally written Nov/2018.
Looking now, It's super poorly written and horrible to read.
However, refactoring this review is out of my capacity.
Thank you for your understanding of that.

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Specialization

Since I do not have much knowledge of mathematics, It makes me worry to study computer software, so that what was the reason I wanted to study a bit about it.

The specialization has consisted of five courses; Mathematical Thinking in general(mostly puzzles), Combinatorics and Probability, Graph Theory, and Number Theory and Cryptography. At first, I heard that the courses had no prerequisite rather than basic math and curiosity about the topics alongside some of Python knowledge. How ever, for me, some math-y topics were a bit tough for me, so I had to watch videos several times, and do a bit of extra research about the details. The courses provide many puzzles and cording implements exercise as well as quizzes to have a dipper understanding of the topics. Especially the instructors show examples with Python codes, which not only help better understanding but also let the students see the potential of the language itself while being more familiar to it. In the cording exercises, they provide some basic structures to start with, so it was not absolutely difficult for them by oneself. The instructors also very kindly help inquires by the discussion forum, to help if there is any question or obstacle through the learning.

I am happy that I now have a little bit of experience about the many interesting topics so I could have a better mindset when I face problems in the future. I hope I now have less fear for my study, and I could have some more chance to study a bit more about discrete mathematics and related topics.

This course is made with almost the same instructors from Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization, which a large program and one of the course is one I dropped out.
This is actually kind of prerequisite for those courses.

This one was also changing but was certainly doable even for someone who has low math knowledge such as myself.

Lastly, iirc, some part of Specialization uses Jupyter Notebook and NumPy, which I didn't know that was a "thing", back then.

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