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Slow and steady
35 year-old junior front-end web developer
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Today's post can be summarized in one word:⠀

Often I see people obsessing too much over trends, what's current, what's new, what's "hot"...⠀
I see them being way too eager to jump on them, often without laying the proper foundation, or even research. Whether it's a new CSS3 feature, a JS framework, a static site generator...⠀

I prefer to wait & make sure I have the prerequisites and understand them at least to some degree.⠀
Also, the early versions usually end up getting revised and reworked, sometimes drastically, so I think it's smarter to wait for a more stable & reliable version.⠀
Not to mention that some of them end up being fads that go away after a couple months.⠀

For example, I've been learning front-end for a while now, and even managed to get an internship with it, yet I've still not used a JS framework. Moreover, even if I wanted to learn one, I feel there are still things about ES6 that I should learn more about first.⠀

That's it for today, happy Monday, have a great week! 👋⠀

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