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Let's talk about the Epic Games Store features [project update]

Hey guys! 👋

As always, I have a video, but this one is a bit longer and totally unprepared and spontaneous. In it, I'm going deep into the store features, choosing the ones I would like to include in my project (on the spot), and explaining in detail why and how I'm choosing them.

But if you're not into that, here's a TLDR (TLDW?):

I divided the features by priority / importance into these yummy categories:

The Cake

  • Search - through Game titles, Devs / Publishers, Usernames, etc. (instead of just game titles)
  • Filters / Tags (Combinable) - Should be able to choose (or search) tags, as well as click, to list the games that have that tag
  • Shopping Cart - with multiple items
  • Wishlist
  • Login / sign-up - with 2-3 required fields max

The Frosting

  • Autocomplete for Search - as you type

The Cherry

  • Dev / Publisher info / contact
  • Sorting - by name, price, year?
  • Ratings

The Sprinkles

  • Comments / Reviews ?
  • Showing games owned and/or ratings or reviews on users' profiles

I don't wanna overextend myself and bit off more than I can chew, so I think this is plenty!

Considering the fact I'm basically going to be learning full stack (MERN most likely) for this, I think I have my hands more than full.

Until next time!

P.S. I'm still not sure how to name this project? I'm thinking maybe something like "The Legendary Games Store"? Send me suggestions :)

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