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Programing language for hackers

Hacking is a very interesting concept where you use for exploiting the network or a computer system to access a crucial information. When you know how to use the techniques legally you can get to know how the cybersecurity professionals can really be influential in getting the best out for the world to keep the cyber space more secure.

Here I have some list of the programing languages that you need to know for Ethical Hacking.

Why is programing important for the Ethical Hacking?

  • To be a hacker it is imperative to have a knowledge of programing language.

  • Knowledge of coding will help you in making you realize the Bugs and will you in writing your own script.

  • Coding will help hackers penetrate various hackable fields/platforms.

1. python

The most popular language is python,this has a huge community support and huge number of libraries which makes prototyping and automation scripting easier.

Python is a general-purpose programing language that means it is used in various different fields/platforms this is a very widely used language in different industries.

This is also a DeFacto programing language, this is the language that is used in writing the hacking scripts, Exploits and Malicious Program.

Python socket programing can also be used for discovering vulnerabilities in a system.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript* is also used in web hacking and penetration testing. This language is used in reading saved cookies and also perform attacks like XSS(Cross Site Scripting).

JavaScript has gained popularity as the Server-side programing Language along with he NodeJS framework.

3. PHP

PHP is a Programing Language that is Hypertext pre-processor which is a dynamic server-side programing language, this language is used in the web development which helps you in understanding the web hacking techniques.

PHP is used for the server-side scripting that can be used to gain access to the server. This can also give you a access to know the vulnerabilities int eh code and you can get the knowledge of running the code properly.

This is one of the most powerful server side languages that we will be using in order to secure and keep your website secure in most of the web domain we can use the PHP ad analyze and secure the web.

See today most of the content management system runs on PHP thus you have to have knowledge about PHP which is going to useful for you in the future.

4. SQL - Structures Query Language

this Language is used in fetching data from the database. This is not a well versed language in the developer space for the development but this is the language that is used for communicating with the database.

The knowledge of SQL will help us in comprehending the structure of the Database thus helping us in making the right decision for which scripts or the code to apply for the programme.

SQL is used for the purpose of the web hacking, which is to access into the database. Using SQL hackers can really do a SQL injection Attack thus helping the hackers to collect even more confidential information from the database.

SQL is used in building tools for the SQL injection which can be used for exploiting the login algorithms in the web application that are week.

5. C/C++ programing language

This is the best language when are new to the programing world and also a best language if you want to learn the programing as this is a very old languages int eh developer space.

it helps the newbies to develop and write the exploit codes. This is used for manipulating the system Hardware and also will help you in gaining access to the system resources.

Most of the Operating system and the programs are written in c programing language thus exploiting the system and the system software c programing is going to help you a lot .C programing language is also used in creating shell code, toolkits and also exploits, malware, key Logers and many more.

Do remember Learning various programing language is a added advantage when you want to learn hacking and it will be a asset to you tomorrow.

Some more programing languages are:

  1. Ruby: Ruby has a very close relation with the python as it has similar syntax.

for the Example you can learn something called as the Ruby on Rails

However, ruby can be used for the various purpose and can be interchangeably used in Bash Scripting.

  1. HTML/CSS/tailwind CSS/Typescript and many more for understanding how the websites are used.

Thus all languages are important if you are lazy like me then you can jsut go and learn the algorithms and you will get the syntaxes of any language later.

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