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4 essentials tips for beginners programmers

🇧🇷 Portuguese version here

In 2020, I complete 7 years as a software developer, in this article I would like to share all important points, that I consider it can help you in your journey.

Don't be a Fullstack Developer 🤷‍♂️

But be a Fullstack developer isn't good? my value as a profissional isn't grow because I know frontend & backend?,
I'm going to explain to you why understand Frontend & Backend could be a bad choose.

In the past web applications was build with Frontend and Backend in the same application, for example a web application using Java for Backend with Spring MvC as web framework and JSP(Java Server Pages) a technology responsible for create web pages using HTML.

Fronted complexity was increasing more and more, with new ways to represent web pages and mobile applications like responsive interfaces, dynamics and others, that is impossible to create interfaces using technologies as JSP mentioned above, this also applies to Backend, which covers a huge range of technologies, practices and patterns in development.

Trying to understand Backend & Frontend at same time,
at least in the beginning of your career it ends up being something complex and totally unviable due to the infinity of technologies and frameworks that you would have to understand.

To represent better all the points mentioned above, I will leave a link to a repository on Github that clearly shows all these points that I mentioned.

It is possible to have a view of all the complexity we currently have for paths such as Frontend, Backend and DevOps.

(The Developer Roadmap)[]

Practice as much as you can 🧑‍💻

Programming is a profession of practice, so more you practice better you will get, when you have free time and if you can, practice, this will help you when you have to develop a new feature or solve a problem in the real world.

Practice constantly will expose you to a lot of situations very similar to what we have in a real world applications.

  • Solving Bugs
  • Configuration of application and frameworks
  • Code design of application

I know in the beginning it can be difficult to think in some projects ideas to develop, so I will leave here some github repositories that can help you start a new project.

Backend Challenges

Frontend Challenges

App Ideias

Don't forget to put all the projects you created practicing on Github, so in addition sharing all your learning, it would also be available for other developers to learn and be inspired by with your project, in addition to making your learning available to recruits.

Don't think about the amount of your salary 💰

Programmer is currently a well-paid profession due to the lack of professionals and the growth of technologies in companies, however, at the beginning of your career, focus as much as you can on learning, if you are in college do your best to get an internship, so that you will get experience and may even become a junior programmer in the future.

I have as a principle that salary is not only the money we receive when we work, but also all the learning we receive together with him.

Stay calm with enough practice, studies and dedication you can be sure that you will get a good remuneration, and the more you dedicate yourself, the greater your value in the market, because currently the market is full of average programmers, average because most only practice in working hours, do not study in free time or at least update herself.

Get a hobby 🏂

But how does this relate to programming?

Have you ever been in a situation where you tried to solve a problem, ended up staying hours and hours and only managed to think of a solution when you stopped to cool your head?

Programming is a creative process and requires a lot of mental effort, so you end up getting tired more quickly due to the effort to understand all the complexity implemented in the code.

An activity that involves passion and naturalness is extremely stimulating for the creative sectors of your mind

Look for something you are happy to do, such as practice sports or playing an instrument.

Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope it has helped you in some way, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment 😄

Discussion (4)

mdbetancourt profile image
Michel Betancourt

"Don't be a Fullstack Developer" i don't think so, i mean is not about know everything but has some knowledges helps.
"Practice as much as you can" true true true, but review, create and colaborate with open-source (and see code of diferent peoples) help a lot
"Don't think about the amount of your salary" where is good paid? if you don't value your work, nobody will

vinigmoraes profile image
Vinícius Moraes Author • Edited on

Hi Michel, how are u doing? thank u for your comment, I agree with your point about fullstack developer, but in the beginning as programmer we have a lot of information to learn, so starting from backend or frontend is better in my opinion.

I totally agree with your point about practice as much as you can, thank you for remember me about this others points.

About salary, here In Brazil programmers is a really well-paid profession, so my point is in the beginning is more important to focus on learning than to earn money.

mdbetancourt profile image
Michel Betancourt

i agree with you, is better focus in one thing at the same time, i'm one of those who thing at the end everything is about how much you put of your heart and efforts on it

mccurcio profile image
Matt Curcio

I think the advice to Not be a 'full stack' developer is a good one to start with. Small steps, I say. As a beginner, there are so many topics to master. There are so many platforms too. Full stack is a huge area of study. I have met people that said start with PHP, then others that say JS, or Python in other areas... Find a path for yourself first.

To some working with a database can be really easy, but for others no so. It may be true that the simplest jobs require 4 SQL commands but I say focus on Design or CSS and learning JS first. Don't get overwhelmed is my message.

To me there are long term and short term goals.