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Vinay Hegde
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Acquisitions - [June 2020]

In case you missed the M&A tidbits of May, please check out the previous article in this series.

We continue the journey of Acquisitions across the technology world in the June 2020 edition with more examples. Most of you might be already aware of these by now.

  1. Zynga Acquires Turkish Org, Peak Games for $1.8B

  2. Just Eat wraps up GrubHub in a $7.3B deal

  3. MasterCard acquires Finicity for $825 Million

  4. Amazon buys self-driving startup Zoox for $1.2B

While occurrences like these were never new but it'd be noteworthy to observe how they pan out in a world that has been shaken to its very foundations recently. To understand more about this, I have the following questions for the community:

  • Which of these 2 sides would benefit from such acquisitions & why?
  • How is it sustainable in a post-Covid era full of drastic changes?

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