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Acquisitions - [August 2020]

In case you missed the M&A tidbits of July, please check out the previous article in this series.

August 2020 didn't seem to have too many noteworthy acquisitions so this post got delayed 🙏! However, a quick review recently did spin up a few anecdotes so here we go for this month.

  1. Byju's, An ed-tech giant whips up a fast-rising Whitehat for $300 million

  2. Palo Alto invests $265 Million for Crypsis

As the world slowly limps back to normalcy from the Covid-19 crisis, it'd be noteworthy to observe how such activities pan out. To understand more about this, I have the following questions for the community:

  • Which of these 2 sides would benefit from such acquisitions & why?
  • How is it sustainable in a post-pandemic era full of drastic changes?

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