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Viktoria Bors-Pajuste
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From Lab to Web - Project Works and an Exceptional Project

Like any other bootcamp and module, there was a final project work assigned. These projects had specific requirements and were meant to be completed individually. Therefore I had the freedom to choose the topics that interested me.

My project works commenced with brainstorming, driven by my fascination with the trending subjects at the time. The first project I undertook was the creation of a static webpage for a Rainbow Cafe and Bookstore, coinciding with the opening of the first North-Danish Rainbow bookstore.

Rainbow Cafe

During the second module, I had the opportunity to connect with a UK-based leader from the European Space Agency (ESA) regarding a potential laboratory job. This topic has interested me greatly, as working at ESA seemed incredibly exciting. This led to the birth of SpaceRock , a CRUD web application where users can upload, update, and delete moon-like materials.

SpaceRock Logo

In my final project, I became more involved in the local Hungarian group. The group members and their families would gather monthly for folklore dance, readings, and book exchanges. It inspired me to bring the concept of book exchanges online. Thus, the Multilingual Children's (Online) Library came into existence. This project is also a CRUD application with various user levels. Regular users could search and borrow books, while a normal admin had control over library management tasks, such as uploading new books. A super admin had the authority to ban and delete users. I aimed to encompass a wide range of scenarios, including implementing fines for late returns, leading to temporary user bans until the fines were paid.

Online Library

I believe that the following aspects are crucial when it comes to project works:

  1. The chosen topic should genuinely interest you, as it helps maintain motivation even during challenging times.
  2. The project should be complex and meet the given requirements. However, going the extra mile is always a bonus. For example, incorporating different user levels or utilizing the file/image upload feature.
  3. It is essential to have the project on GitHub from the beginning. Each time you work on a new feature, it should be visible on GitHub. Simply uploading the entire project at the end doesn't provide the same value. People want to see the duration and extent of your dedication to the project.
  4. Once the project is ready, consider hosting and deployment. This becomes advantageous during job searches, as you can easily share or provide a link to showcase your project. Furthermore, deploying the project demonstrates your initiative.

I'm curious about the projects you worked on during the bootcamp or your self-study. If you have any links, I would be more than happy to check them out :)

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