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Introduction to Git and GitHub

This blog is part of 4 Blogs Series in which I will tell you How I went from thinking "Git and Github as same" to "Pushing my Projects to Github and Contributing to Open Source".

Git != Github

Yes, I was also one of those newbies Who used to think that Git and Github are the same but if they are not the same then How they are different ? 😕
If I tell you in layman language then:

Git is the platform that makes it easier to track changes made in code/projects/files or as we call it in more complicated language Version Control System .

Github can be considered as a Social Media Platform where developers post their Projects/Codes.


Git: Git can be installed using this Git. It is a simple one-click process.

Github: Now to use Github use just need to create an account on Github Platform.


Now you are ready to work on Git and Github. But before we start you should be familiar with some of the basic terminology.

  • Directory= Folder in your computer.
  • cd = Change directory.
  • commit = It is basically a small description of changes you made to code.
  • Code Editor = I know you are not that novice but still let me explain. It is a desktop app where you write your code. Ex: Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code (we will be using VS code).
  • Repository = It is a folder on Github where you will be storing all your files/codes, etc. Sometimes also called as Repo.
  • Clone = It is a git command that brings repo stored on GitHub to your local machine to work on it.
  • add = It is also a git command. It prepares your changes in code to allow them to push to GitHub repo.
  • push = As the name suggests this command helps you to push back your updated code to GitHub.

Don't worry if you don't remember them we will again understand them while using them practically in our future blogs. That's all for this blog.

In Blog 2 (4/7/2021) we will discuss: How to begin with Git and GitHub, Push your local projects on GitHub and more...

Until then Keep Learning, Keep Growing 👋. Please do share your feedback.

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