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Git Learning Materials

Thanks, Everyone

For being part of the series From Git to GitHub. This is the 4th and the last Blog of the series.
In this blog, I will give you various resources to learn, apply, read about Git and GitHub.

Install Git

Youtube Playlists to Learn Git

Reading Resources

Open Source Contribution



Step by Step Method

Thanks again for being part of the series. And don't worry Git is not that difficult as it seems also you have to not learn everything there are only 10-15 commands that you will use mostly throughout your life.

There are more informative and interesting blogs to come. So stay tuned.

Until then Keep Learning, Keep Growing

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Discussion (3)

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Rafael Osipov

I think this resource should be listed too:

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Vansh Sharma Author

Thanks man,
Yes actually there are so many resources. We can add thanks for your feedback I have added it in my list .

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Rafael Osipov

Also check this list (git related):

And this one (related to various areas):