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The Importance of Building Projects

vadims4 profile image Vadim Stakhnyuk ・4 min read

There are many ways to examine the growth of a software engineer. Whether it be through exams, or quizzes, or projects, or different kinds of assignments. Projects are one of the best ways to do it! I will talk about the importance of project building and how it can impact the way an individual examines you're learning progress. The term “project” has many degrees of understanding. There could be big projects or little projects. In the software engineering world, any kind of project has the ability to render the skills or understanding of a language or concept.

All Projects Start With an Idea


As a software engineer, sometimes it can be hard to visually demonstrate how passionate you are for the field. All projects start with an idea. Something that you have a desired interest for. This is a great starting point when it comes to building your project. If there is a desire, there is a purpose. This will come in handy when you find yourself working a lot on your project. It will show that you have a purpose for the creation of your project. With that drive, you will see yourself working on your project during your free time. Not only is this good for gaining valuable experience, it also helps you create a good routine to always be enveloped in code. It is good to break through our usual routine of doing what we are told to do, and to spend some time building something we have a passion for. Every software engineer has an acquired taste when it comes to projects, wether it be a game, a website, a cool application. It all helps build experience and leads to writing better code. Experience is very valuable when it comes to software engineering, and there is no better way to get that experience other than through building projects.

Building With A Passion


This part of the project building process is very important. A project built without passion will most likely not end up being very good. Projects built with passion show a love for software engineering. If you are passionate about what kind of project you built, the people who will hear you talk about your project will see that passion. This is why it is so important that when employers ask about your projects, you have the ability to show them that you love to program! Sometimes, it can be hard to find something to build that you are passionate about. A great idea would be to re-create a website that you commonly use. By doing so, not only will you have an interest in creating that website, but that re-creation can look very good on your portfolio. Especially if you apply for the company who's website you recreated. If you have decided to try and learn a new programming language, build a small project with it. Projects show growth and understanding which are valued by companies seeking engineers. Another great way to show your expansion and growth is to work on a series of projects that have an increasing difficulty. Showing growth can be difficult, but building projects in such a manner will show growth and a drive to learn more! These aspects are also very valuable to people such as employers who are taking a glance at your portfolio. Post a video of your project online, deploy your project, share your project on social media. Be proud of what you created! This will show your passion and the happiness you get from programming!

Project Importance On Your Portfolio


The job search is the most exciting and scary time for new developers. Going through the process of applying jobs and finding the right fit can be challenging. It is in this process, that I have learned how important projects can be. Your projects are the most important thing on you portfolio. These projects show you're learning curve, they show your coding style, they show your strengths and your weaknesses, but most importantly, projects show your skill level. When recruiters look at your portfolio, they look at your projects. This can easily dictate your chances towards getting an interview. During meetups, and engineer talks, many people suggest building projects that can show your passion and your drive. For this reason only, I think it is important to build projects the right way. Especially since for some people, coding does not come naturally. Being able to talk about something you have built with passion is very highly looked upon. Especially with recruiters and other engineers. In conclusion, I would like to summarize that it is important to build projects in order to expand growth and experience. It is also important to build projects that can show you're learning curve. Ultimately, it is important to build projects that can project your passion and desire towards coding.

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