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Uncomfortable conversations, Apple’s soft-UI, less rigid design systems — and more UX this week

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Stories from the community

How Apple makes soft-UI the future

By Michal Malewicz

Why should you start drawing today?

By José Torre

500 hours later: It’s okay to make mistakes in user testing

By Tia Peterson

More top stories:

Thrilled to announce we have helped select the winners of Adobe Design Scholarship: 10 future designers will receive up to $100,000 each to support their education, along with mentoring and support along their educational journey.

Announcing the winners of the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship

News & ideas

Featured project: See in Black

Tools & resources

  • A to Z of AI → Making sense of artificial intelligence, by Google.
  • Elevator.js → Fixing those awkward “scroll to top” moments.
  • Plash → Make any website your desktop wallpaper.
  • Massimo says → One of the finest AI text generators out there.

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