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Advanced Figma tricks, Neobrutalism, UX sketching, the phases of research

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FIDO (Feminism in Design Office) is an alliance between women and the design sector.

Make me think

  • How the world’s richest people are driving global warming. “There’s growing evidence that the inequality between rich and poor people’s emissions within countries now overwhelms the country-to-country disparities. In other words: High emitters have more in common across international boundaries, no matter where they call home.”
  • An incoherent rant about design systems. “The hard truth is this; your Figma docs should be treated like a sketch on the back of a napkin. It should be somewhat accurate but it’s a tool that reflects the front-end, but: it ain’t your design system.”
  • If we make a product work for anyone, it usually works better for everyone. “But focusing on those global users forces us to solve problems that are universal and build solutions that are so intuitive they work for anyone in the world — even though that focus also comes with limits, like not always taking advantage of the most recent hardware.”

Little gems this week

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Neobrutalism is taking over the web →

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The Infinite Scroll effect: how design can hack your brain →

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Don’t rely only on tools to pick an accessible color combination →

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