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Secret Figma shortcuts, UI temporality, friction in UX — this week’s highlights

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Our industry needs more designers. Most importantly: a different type of designer ** →**

We often receive messages from our readers asking for tips on how to take their first steps into the world of digital product design. And they’re not alone. Experienced designers who are mentoring younger folks sometimes find it hard to compile resources that (1) won’t get old in a 6-month timeframe (2) are not clickbaity content backed by for-profit companies and (3) give people some guidance and invite reflection. There is plenty of content out there, but how can we make it more actionable to those who are getting started?

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Stories from the community

Expressing temporality in interfaces

By Taner Olcay

Don’t be afraid of friction in UX

By Alexandra Grochowski

12 lessons of design

By Endurance Dan Jumbo

More top stories:

”Many times, people ask, ‘what dimensions of diversity should I focus on?’ And my answer is “those historically left out.” When you think about this current climate, we are seeing Black people hurting, Black people begging to be free of constant fear, Black people advocating to be treated equitably. But you can be Black and LGBTQ+, Black and over 75, Black and have a disability, Black and of lower socioeconomic status. Companies must think intersectionally to really build lasting, systemic change. Stack ranking dimensions doesn’t work, because we all have so many dimensions that make us who we are.”

The Time is Now: on product inclusion, a pandemic, and building with equity in mind

By annie jean-baptiste

News & ideas

Featured work: Stina Persson

Tools & resources

  • CSS grids → Modern solutions to common layout problems.
  • Screeener → Magically insert screens into keynote mockups.
  • Mmhmm → Turn your zoom calls into a show.
  • Figma shortcuts → Tips to fasten your Figma workflow.

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