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Onion design systems, accessible type, dark patterns on TikTok — and more UX this week

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Abby Covert: articulating your value as an individual contributor

“Management is an entirely different skill-set. Really good managers don’t have to be good at the thing they are managing others doing, they need to know how to support, fight for and unblock people. So while I am quite good at IA, I struggled to set aside that skillset to instead focus solely on managing others.”

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Stories from the community

The paucity of good design

The onion for Design Systems

All design projects should start in a Google Doc

Type, type, type

News & ideas

Featured work: Francesco Bertelli Photography

Tools & resources

  • Just in CSS → The just-in-case mindset in CSS.
  • #CriticalAxis → Analyzing disability representation in media.
  • Omatsuri → Open source browser tools for everyday use.
  • Kinopio club → This mindmap tool helps you with hard problems.

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