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New-manager syndrome, trusting your intuition, AI-generated avatars — and more UX this week

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Avoiding the new-manager syndrome in design

“Dear younger me,

You finally scored that promotion you’ve been looking for, right? You’re now a manager. I’m really excited for you; this is the first step of something big. Make sure to celebrate this promotion with your loved ones. Yep, go ahead and get drunk tonight; you don’t need to act professional all the time.”

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Designer pedigree is nonsense: it’s the work, not the school

By Michael McWatters

How to make sense of Inherited Design

By @kingsidharth

Embracing imperfection in UX design

By Marc Machenheimer

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  • 100,000 AI Faces → Human faces generated by AI for free use.
  • Icon SVG → Find and generate icons for your project.
  • Patterns for AI → An interaction library for common AI challenges.
  • Art of Symbols → How humans use logographic symbols to communicate complex ideas.
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