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Little UX crimes, Figma for iPad, resilient design — and more UX this week

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Recent events tied to racial injustice in the United States are not ok.

We are not ok with it.

For people who want to do something about it: you can donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization supporting black youth-led movements. They are partnering with the National Lawyers Guild to bail out protestors right now.

If you make a donation, email us a screenshot and we’ll match your donation, capping at US$1,000.

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Stories from the community

Please give junior UX designers a chance

By Luis Berumen Castro

The story of 100 people

By Teisanu Tudor

Little UX crimes: a collection of Dark Patterns

By Aliona Kyrychenko

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News & ideas

  • Web vitals → Google will now consider UX when ranking sites.
  • Happy data → Hopeful views of the world through data.
  • Javascript 3 → The third age of Javascript is around the corner.
  • Jazz keys → A relaxing experience. You deserve it.

Featured work: Bastarda Studio

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