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Leveraging human instincts for addictive engagement — and more UX links this week

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How can designers help break the cycle of designing for addiction?

Eager for clicks and views, tech platforms look for new ways to use basic human instincts like shame, laziness and fear to their advantage. Digital junk foods promise users short-term highs, but leave depressive existential lulls in their wake. How do we break that cycle?

For the UX nerds

  • Everyday UX → Here’s how you can apply experience-design to your everyday life.
  • Automation for Designers → Removing mundane tasks and opening up new opportunities for deeper, more rewarding work.
  • The Accessibility Case → How to convince your team to invest in more accessible design.

Stories from the community

How can a Designer become a Leader?

I didn’t become a designer to spend my days managing designers and letting them have all the fun.

The 4px baseline grid

Solving the bounding box padding issue present in most design tools.

Storytelling: the ultimate UX skill

Our job consists of creating and sharing fictions — better versions of the world through the design concepts we develop.

Introducing Mercury OS

A speculative vision of the operating system, driven by humane design principles.

The ultimate guide to stakeholder interviews

How to properly plan and execute one of the most efficient research tools in UX.

More top stories:

News & ideas

Tools & resources

  • Another Lens → A research tool for conscientious creatives, by the design team at Airbnb.
  • Small Victories → Small Victories takes files in a Dropbox folder and turns them into a website.
  • Foo Screen App → A full screen mobile browser made for interactive prototypes.
  • Sketch to Web → This tool claims to turn your Sketch file into a website, visually, in minutes.

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