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Design and racism, pandemic priorities, getting together — and more UX this week

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To stay silent is to be complicit.

  • Get together → Helping your Black and non-Black friends today.
  • White guyde → If you’re a white guy who don’t know what to do.
  • A class divided → 1985 PBS documentary on racism. Still relevant.

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Stories from the community

The design community must not stay silent

By Harrison Wheeler

Why you should design for a tiny ruined phone

By Patrick Robert Doyle

Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us show up and get to work

By Benek Lisefski

Top stories this week:

“Rodney King was beaten by design: the design of legal and social systems that empower police to act with impunity, which is the legacy of white patriarchal supremacy. The Rodney King story was also saved by design: the design of technologies that captured evidence for the record, and provided the means for us to broadcast, share and discuss what we witnessed.”

Design, collective action, and American racism

By Jennifer Rittner

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