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Demigod designers, tiny icons, a language without letters — and more UX this week

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The UX Collective is an ad-free platform that elevates unheard design voices all over the world, reaching over 376,100 designers every week. Curated by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga.

Stories from the community

The rise of the demigod designer

By Ruth Kikin-Gil

7 future markers of diversity

By Vish Chopra

The ugly truth about being a woman in tech

By Diana Malewicz

Top stories this week:

”Industry experts tend to use a lot of jargon when talking about design — in some cases as a way to protect their position of specialists. Hopefully, as you grow into your career as a designer, you are not going to perpetuate that same type of practice.”

The Guide to Design

News & ideas

  • No letters → A language without letters, by Yukio Ota.
  • Black print → Stereotypes, black pamphleteers, type history.
  • Periodicity → Explorations on how to visualize periodicity.
  • Affordances → The things of everyday design.

Featured work: RC Johnson

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