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Best of 2019, Neumorphism, 3D in Figma — and more UX this week

fabriciot profile image Fabricio Teixeira Originally published at on ・3 min read

A weekly selection of design links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

20 things I learned by editing UX articles this year

I feel lucky. Being one of the editors at the UX Collective allows me to read tons of great stories every week, submitted by designers from all over the world. People who have different backgrounds than my own, work at different companies, face different challenges every day. People who simply dedicate their time to sharing their learnings with the broader community.

After reviewing and publishing more than a thousand articles this year, here are some of my personal favorites. Read full story

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Stories from the community

Neumorphism in user interfaces

Handling design conflict and being a non-designer

The myths of the ancient UX

More top stories:

News & ideas

Tools & resources

  • 3D in Figma → A Figma plugin to import, use and render 3D.
  • Guess the Hex→ Guess the background color hex.
  • Website Carbon → How is your website impacting the planet?
  • Tweet Delete → Delete tweets in bulk to protect your privacy or make a fresh start.

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