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#1 DevOps Diary — Events & Best-of-Content


This is the first edition of my newsletter! Yes, I had to be another person launching a newsletter in 2020 — but hold on! This one is different.

I just changed industry; from the blockchain space to DevOps. Thus, I have LOTs and lots to learn. So I decided to make my learning public. Yes, you read correctly, you can see some of my weekly notes right here.

Additionally, I provide a curated version of the resources that I come across in this weekly newsletter. So if you want to get started learning about DevOps and/or stay up-to-date with the resources out there, then you are definitely at the right place.

Video Content

Video on why I decided to make my DevOps learning journey public


Getting started learning about CI/CD, check-out where the term GitOps "originated from"


My goal of this section is to share open-source books, free e-books as well as summaries of books that I have gone through. The latter might be the case once a month. So here it goes:

The first category are e-books

  1. If you want to get started with Helm, I highly recommend the following e-book:

    It provides a nice overview from what Helm is, why you would use it over another templating tool, to the difference between Helm 2 and 3 and how to get started

  2. The second one is a an e-book on the 13 key features that every CI/CD platform should have

  3. Third, if you want to get started learning about Kubernetes, this guide provides a solid foundation

Paid-Books — will create a summary within the month

  • Continuous Delivery Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation by Jez Humble and David Farley

Online Courses

The following courses are accessible for free but require payment if you want to get the certificate (you could also create content based on the material)

Separately, several projects in the space provide free learning material for their certification


I will highlight paid events separately; all of the below are free to attend

Communities to check-out

The #100DaysOfCloud provides amazing resources and a welcoming community to get started with Cloud Computing and DevOps; resources include example projects 🙌🏽

Tweet of the Week

This week, it's a song by Justin Garrison

Continuing Every Week — Make sure to subscribe and follow for updates!

If you would like to have content included, please get in touch on Twitter or my website 🥳

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