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#13 DevOps Diary: Events are back

Welcome beautiful people!

This week is yet another week full of Kubernetes learning resources. Personally, I started learning Go and I am consistently surprised by the level of support from the community; this is just one example.

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter 😊

If you have any comments, suggestions, anything you would like to have included in next week's edition, please do let me know.

Top Kubernetes Learning Resources πŸ“–

This is an open source documentation, linking to Kubernetes resources and providing explanations. You can also contribute here.


  • This week, I had the chance to spontaneously record an episode on Kubernetes Services with David McKay and Philipp Strube in which I asked all those questions newbies might be wondering about, getting started with Kubernetes. Also, have a look at David McKay's YouTube channel.
  • If you are new to Kubernetes, or also, if you have already been using Kubernetes for some time, you might want to check out k9s as part of my #100DaysOfKubernetes series. It is a terminal based UI that allows you to easier manage all your cluster resources.

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