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#14 DevOps Diary: Learning Go & More Podcasts!

Welcome beautiful people!

Motivation comes from doing ♾️

The more I learn about the cloud-native space, tools and platforms, the more excited I get about learning more 🎉

On other news, I was finally able to customise my YouTube domain! A BIG shout-out to my subscribers for supporting me along my learning journey! You rock 🙌🏼

Now let's get started with this week's content...


This week, I will highlight a few YouTube channels that are quite amazing in different ways

  • Jeff Geerling's YouTube channel where he shows lots of Raspberry Pi videos + tutorials; he also has a specific Kubernetes 101 tutorial. Have a look if you enjoy hands-on learning.
  • Dave Farley's Channel on Continuous Delivery — Definitely a variety of insights that I would not get in most blog posts or by other YouTubers + he aims to make the content more entertaining by connecting it with current events across industries.

And next, two amazing, growing channels — check those out if you are into podcast style content

  • The Popcast by Dan is going into its second season, featuring lots of amazing people across the cloud-native space.

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