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What do you love most about DEV?

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I have to say after using or being a member of almost every platform that exists for developers, DEV is by far the most welcoming, respectful, polite and helpful community of developers online that genuinely help each other grow and learn from each other.

I am fascinated by how nice and pleasant everyone on this platform is, the moderators are cool and involved and the community is open to everyone irrelevant or race or gender.

I am pointing out this last bit because of how shocked I was by my experience on stack overflow in the past 2 weeks, you can read about it more in this post i wrote here, I won't go too much into details. https://dev.to/scorpionedge/stack-overflow-has-become-an-unwelcome-and-hostile-platform-3mkd

The world needs more platforms for developers like this one, where no one is discouraged or discriminated for asking questions no matter what the question is. "There is no such thing as a stupid question", my professor once told me in college. Wise words.
The best thing about DEV is that it encourages and breeds polite discussions and really does help us all grow and learn from each other. Isn't this the entire reason why we are all here in the first place?

What are your thoughts on this and please do share what you like most about DEV in the comments below.

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Hi i'm an avid web and app developer in search for creativity and always going after new ideas. Developer of Reactor JS


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The community, the platform, the liberty to publish any posts on any tags. The awesome design (thanks again @pp ).



Exactly the liberty to publish is also a big one. You can't say the same about some dev
platforms out there.


Oh and it's free, open source, fast and no pubs. Awesome no? :D

Totally. Yes the speed was a big one for me that kept me here at the start :)

I've never heard the expression and can't find any search results for it!


I like the fact that the author is truly the owner of their content. Not only is there an API that allows you to manage your content on other places, but it also allows setting the canonical url to a custom domain.

Previously I had some posts on Medium but it's basically the opposite and I never really felt comfortable having my content there.

I'm not very familiar yet with the community but so far it has been great.


This is a truly great feature that dev has!


I love that I can write my posts in markdown. I just looooove markdown so much!

Other than that, I do like the community and topics that are talked about here. I have no idea about web-development, so I can shamelessly soak up knowledge here on my road to "yet again becoming fullstack for the approximately 5th time". But I am absolutely more of a DevOps than a WebDev.

Now I only have to find content people would like to read too, to give something back. Either I suck at writing, or my topics are just boring to people, maybe I'll get there one day :D


I like the aesthetic of the site. It's changed recently, so maybe a bit less so now, but it kind of reminds me of 90s Nickelodeon.


What I like about dev.to? Definitely that would be THE COMMUNITY !

The site is nice, the articles are interesting, but it's the community and the people that are lightyears beyond what I see on other "platforms".


Exactly my thoughts! Thanks for sharing :)


The community is the most welcoming that I can't find anywhere else.

Click ❤️ if you agree


As everyone has said the community here is great! I've been away for a bit but wanting to be more active again!

One thing I see mentioned less which is really important to me is the open source nature of the platform! I LOVE how dev.to is open source and we are encouraged to fork it and make our own communities, and improve this one! I've wanted a feature or two and worked with the dev.to team to get a PR made and eventually deployed and live! Its awesome to see that happen in a community like this!


You can pick up a lot of various tidbits here and there.


I am pointing out this last bit because of how shocked I was by my experience on stack overflow in the past 2 weeks, you can read about it more in this post i wrote here

I saw that post earlier, and it was a copy-paste of a Stack Overflow blog post with two sentences at the end saying that you don't think anything has changed since it was written. That's a valid perspective, but you haven't talked about your experience over the last two weeks. I think it would be great if you could share what prompted you to revisit that SO piece?

The tl;dr of what I like is the honest attempt to be welcoming and accepting of everyone, and the minimal gamification and in-your-face stats.


I totally resonate with your thoughts:)